Thomas and Amara Alban - MazAmar

Thomas and Amara Alban - MazAmar

We've always said, "The desert did it to us."  We weren't potters before moving to this beautiful stretch of the Mojave in the Spring of 2000.  We were making cool little fountains from cast cement.  The molds were from sculptures that we created before just before leaving Georgia.  It seemed we were always seeking out the right trays to hold them (and the water), but never finding.  The idea that we could throw our own tray designs on a potter's wheel, if only we had one, came just days before a water truck backed into our car.  A few weeks later, the $1,700 check, intended to go towards pulling out the dent in the fender went, instead, towards a potter's wheel, kiln, clay, glaze and some tools!  A dented car just made us feel more at home here in this funky high desert anyway.  We never looked back -- MazAmar was born. 

On the whole, wanting to be true to our own expression, we're self-taught.  Desert forms and colors have naturally come to be represented in our work; like, the erosive forces of sun and wind on wood as in the 'Faux Bois Series' that compels people to ask, ‘How did you manage to fire glaze on wood?’ Layers of reds and rich browns emerging from old pieces of metal decaying in the sun over decades, contrasted with open blue skies, also inform our palate.

While we take pride in the true functionality of our work, we do tend to stray from the ordinary. Old-school concepts don’t necessarily influence our ideas on form and function, however particular attention is paid to the usability and ergonomics of the functional work. Each piece is unique and appreciated by our collectors as objects to pass on for generations.



MazAmar moved to its present Mane Street location in December of 2010.  It's been a perfect fit, with visitors from around the world coming in to our little showroom.  The Pioneertown vibe suits us just fine.


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