We're tremendously blessed to have a studio filled with
loving, talented and very cool people! 

Team MazAmar Rocks!






Past MazAmar-ites ...


Kyle Hanson, born and raised in Twentynine Palms is as versatile as the day is long.  From the first day he joined us in late 2013 he wanted to learn all the different aspects of working in the studio and we've accommodated!  He was the principle on handling and transferring mugs, helping Thomas with glazing and loading the kilns and produced most of our slab designs.  As far as his own creative endeavors, he's a very busy drummer (currently rockin' three different bands) and has recently branched into the fanciful world of producing orgonite pieces, which we offer in the showroom here in Pioneertown.




La Tesha Thompson's barrista talent transferred well over to clay mixing!  Last we heard, she was mixing it up in Berlin!







Caitlin Deane (Mud Queen), hailing from Pennsylvania, brought in her east-coast sensibility with an equal mix of natural charm and unique feminine creativity.  She first popped by during the Open Studio Tours in October of 2012 while apprenticing at Cal-Earth and we snatched her up as soon as she decided to move to Joshua Tree in January the following year.  Caitlin was the principle thrower here at MazAmar for almost four years -- from our signature mugs to shots to serving bowls.  She's throwing full time for her own rich pottery line (Urthen) which she offers in online and in several stores, including our showroom. 





Stephanie Kowalczyk, walked to work each day as she lived just a couple blocks down on Mane Street!  A mid-westerner (last stop, Chicago), she was born to an African mom and a Polish dad.  This eclectic matrix carries through into her life as, bit by bit, she surprised us with various talents (like glass blowing) along with recollections of adventures past.  She's off continuing her adventures with some world travel - first stop Paris.  We're hoping she'll pop back in somewhere down the line.